Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Introduction-- Cooking Is My Sweet Escape

Hello fellow cooking bloggers, hope you are all having a wonderful day.  This is my "introduction" post for my cooking blog.    I can't say that I'm a professional, by any means.  No official training.  Just good old practice, on a daily basis, from 1995 to today!   And the guidance of my parents growing up.   I am a born foody, who loves to cook and I'm looking to share blogs with other like-minded folks :)

So um...  Have you ever see that film “Julie and Julia?” It's my favorite.  Blogs and cooking, what could be better?  :)  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it, its such a great movie!  Its about a woman named Julie Powel who wants to be a writer.  She also loves to cook, and she completely idolizes Julia Child.  So she decides to cook her way through the Julia Child cook book "Mastering The Art Of French Cooking", and blog about it.  She becomes famous by doing this, and her life story is told right along side Julia child's life story.  You see all these cool similarities, and the differences between them.   If you wanna see this movie, you can watch it for free here: 

Well anyway, I’m not gonna blog about cooking my way through Julia Child’s “Mastering The Art Of French Cooking” or anything…   Although I do respect anyone who tries it, because I have that book and let me tell you, it would NOT be easy! lol.

However, I’ve decided that from time to time, I am going to post a recipe here that I frequently use, and that I personally enjoy.  It may be something I came up with, or something my parents or a friend taught me, or just a recipe I found and tried-- and love!

A Little History On Me As A Cook:

I was raised by 2 people who were both very good cooks, each in their own way.  I'll tell you about them first:

My father (a highly decorated U.S. Army Special Forces Vietnam Veteran) was unable to stew oatmeal without burning it, until he got a divorce at 27 years of age, and worked as a cook in a place called "The Straight"  for a while.  That, and living alone for a while, forced him to have to cook for himself, and he finally got it down pat.  His specialty was country/milk gravy.  He had that down to a fine art, and made darn sure to pass it on to me as well (which I am very thankful for). He also made GREAT potato salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw.  And don't even get me started on his famous Chili!  He once entered it into a contest of 200 people and got SECOND place, only because his competition used "filet mignon" instead of regular steak and hamburger.  But everyone was wild about Dad's Chili...  Many people swore it had healing properties, I kid you not, lol. 

My Mom?  Well, she was...   A Mom!  lol.   She was the oldest of 8 kids, and played mother to them growing up since their own mom was quite busy.  Then she grew up to have 4 kids of her own.  So she certainly picked up the art along the way, as many do.  Let me tell you, she made the BEST fried chicken on planet earth!  She always called it "Burnt Bone" chicken.  No idea why, its just a hilarious name, because she NEVER burned it, lol.  And her barbequed ribs?   Oh man...   They fell off the bone and melted in your mouth!  The meat was always like butter. She was also a great baker, cookies and cake were her talent.

They taught me well, and then I grew up to develop my own style.  I also learned how to do candies, breads and ventured into the cooking styles of many different cultures.   Plus my Ex husband was from India...   So during that 7 year marriage, I mastered the art of Indian cooking to accommodate him.  He had a best friend who was an Indian chef, and I learned sooooooo much from him.  All our East-Indian friends used to say I could easily compete with Indian mothers :)  So sweet of them.

We all have several family members with Latino blood (mostly Mexican), and some Philippino relatives as well.  We grew up eating their food while visiting their homes, and at family gatherings where everyone would contribute a dish like a potluck.   Plenty of German, British and Irish tradition among us as well. 

So you will see influences from all those backgrounds in the recipes I share.  Anything I post here is tried and true. 

I started this blog because I REALLY love to cook (like so many others out there), and I would love to discuss this oh-so-beautiful subject, as well as share some recipes with everyone.   If you have any good recipes, please leave them in a comment, or better yet, direct me to YOUR cooking blog!  :) 

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