Sunday, July 26, 2015

Homemade Ice Cream - Two Ingredients

The best part about this recipe is that is so simple and versatile.   You can add a million things to it, to customize it to what you want it to be.   This honestly is just a simple base, and for those of you who like and easy, soft serve, this is wonderful on its own.   But for those of us who enjoy being creative, or want to let the kids have some fun, I have included some flavor ideas at the bottom of the page, just to get you started.   But I’m sure after reading those, you will be flooded with your own ideas.    The sky is the limit!  You can also put this recipe into an ice cream maker if you have one, but if you don’t, the container method works great too.   

Homemade Ice Cream - Two Ingredients

2 cups heavy cream (600ml or 20 oz)
1 can (14oz) sweetened condensed milk (400ml)


*  If using an ice cream machine, you do not need to whip the heavy cream.  Simply combine both liquids and place in the machine.  

1.        Pour the heavy cream into a large bowl.   Beat with an electric mixer on high speed, until stiff.  
2.        Add the sweeten condensed milk to the cream.   Fold everything together with a rubber spatula until well combined.   
3.        Transfer mixture into a Tupperware container with a tight sealing lid.  Place in the refrigerator for a minimum of 6 hours, but overnight is best.   Serve.  
Flavor Ideas (after freezing): 

1.  Accessorize your ice cream with nuts, sprinkles, your favorite syrups, shell chocolate, etc.   
2.  Place between 2 cookies for an ice cream sandwich.

Other Flavor Ideas (before freezing): 

1.       Replace the sweetened condensed milk with the same amount of something else that is equally thick, sweet and flavorful-- like strawberry preserves, chocolate sundae topping (the kind in a jar is best), etc.  
2.       If making the chocolate version, dissolve some instant coffee crystals in a few tablespoons of hot milk and add to the ice cream mixture.   Toss in some chopped almonds, and you have “mocha almond fudge”!  Or skip the coffee and add marshmallows for “rocky road”. 
3.       Crumble in a bunch of Oreos for “cookies and cream”. 
4.       Chop up your favorite candy bar and mix it in.   Then partially fold in sundae topping caramel (the kind from a jar).  Only fold in until there are thick caramel swirls, then stop stirring and freeze.  
Be creative and have fun!

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